Technical / Maintenance Department

The Pecanwood Homeowners Association is responsible for the upkeep of infrastructure such as sewer, roads and storm water and the essential delivery of potable water. A Utility Plant, located on the southern side of the Estate, treats water as well as sewer and the Estate operates uniquely in that only electricity and refuge removal are done by local authority. More than 63 pumps are utilised on a daily basis to bring essential services to residence. The gardens as well as the golf course are irrigated using state of the art pumping stations to keep the Estate green. Interlinking internal dams add to the aesthetics and these dams are maintained to enhance the living experience on the Estate.

Other than maintaining infrastructure the technical team always strives to upgrade the facility by employing strategic plans through capital replacement projects, reserve funding models and design advances.

The technical team are also passionate and involved in seasonal displays such as Christmas decorations to name but one. Other functions include maintenance on jungle gyms, pool maintenance, erosion protection and many more. Residents can rest assured that the technical team go the extra mile to ensure service delivery of the highest standard.

Responsibilities Include:
Storm water reticulation
Sewer reticulation
Road infrastructure
Potable water infrastructure
Irrigation pump stations
Utility Plant
Back Up power
Capital projects
Building maintenance
Asset management

Utilities Plant
Pecanwood Estate water and sewer reticulation is self-maintained. A Utilities Plant, situated on the southern side of the Estate, supplying potable water to the Estate as well as to the Pecanwood college. 3x 1 000 000 litre sewer reactors process the sewer and the grey water is reintroduced into the lakes on the Estate. This water in turn is utilized for irrigation purposes.

Water quality is of utmost importance and thus our water and sewer gets tested on a daily basis by the operating staff at the utilities plant. Monthly laboratories tests are conducted by an independent lab appointed by Prentec and quarterly tests are conducted by Aquatico on both the potable as well as irrigation water.

The technical department conducts road repairs, painting, weeding, signage, lamp poles, storm water and curbs throughout the year.

Sewer pumps
There are several sewer pumps and pump stations on the Estate to pump sewer to the Utilities Plant. The sewer reticulation is checked and maintained on a daily basis.

The City of Tshwane is responsible for the electrical reticulation and supply to the Estate.
All major sewer pumps have backup generators in case of a power failure.

A new stabilization tank has been fitted to address the hardiness of the water and a new ultra-filtration unit was fitted in 2012 to filter 1500m³ litres of water per day.
All the potable water on the Estate is supplied by boreholes situated on the Estate.

The technical department consists of a small staff complement and sub-contractors are used for specialised work.


Herman Bredenhann: Technical Manager
082 800 3575