Association of Residential Communities

The Association of Residential Communities (ARC) proactively supports the members of Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and Bodies Corporate, as well as their management teams in the achievement of their vision which classically is to protect, maintain and enhance the value of the property as well as the lives and lifestyles of their residents.

ARC support services are aimed at all organised residential communities such as golf, lifestyle and leisure estates, cluster developments and townhouse complexes. ARC practically engages with members and offers a wide range of supporting services, dynamic networking opportunities, access to best practice and provision of policies, procedures, tools and templates for the effective management and leadership of the communities they serve.

ARC believes that 80% of HOAs share similar issues and challenges and that there is a great opportunity for increasing efficiencies through sharing information and collective networking.

We continue to strive to meet the needs of our members and the industry.


Community Associations Institute

The main objective of CAISA is to provide training and development that culminate in qualifications and professional designations for its members through the Professional Management Development Program (PMDP).

CAISA was established in 2013, currently the only International chapter of The Community Association Institute (USA). Community Managers, Service Providers and Directors form part of the current membership of almost 100 members


National Association of Managing Agents

NAMA is non-profit company aiming to increase the efficiency of all managing agents & service providers within the industry. We communicate changes & developments in the sectional title industry, and educate trustees of bodies corporate of their role & responsibilities. Our vision is to mold the sectional title industry into an independent legal body similar to the Estate Agent Affairs Board – EAAB.

We provide managing agents and their clients with the necessary tools to broaden knowledge about the sectional title environment and the profession. By becoming a member of NAMA, you can help to build and ensure the Association grows as a relevant and meaningful professional regulatory body.


Green Building Council

The Green Building Council SA leads the transformation of the South African property industry to ensure that buildings are designed, built and operated in an environmentally sustainable way.

Buildings are one of the main contributors to climate change. Building green is an opportunity to use resources efficiently and address climate change while creating healthier and more productive environments for people and communities.

The Green Building Council SA is a level 7 BEE rated, independent, non-profit company that was formed in 2007 to lead the greening of South Africa’s commercial property sector. We provide the tools, training, knowledge and networks to promote green building practices across the country and build a national movement that will change the way the world is built.


Institue of Directors Southern Africa

The Institute of Directors in Southern Africa NPC (IoDSA) is a professional body recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and a non-profit company (NPC) that exists to promote corporate governance, and to maintain and enhance the credibility of directorship as a profession (SAQA ID: 836).